Is there a difference between a knob and a pull?

While both terms can be viewed as interchangeable, typically a knob will have a single point of attachment, whereas a pull will have (at least) two. Of course, there are exceptions (eg: Ring Pulls), but we have tried to maintain consistency on our site to simplify your shopping experience.

What is the Center to Center measurement?

The Center to Center (ctc) is the distance between the screw holes on a pull.

Why are some Center to Center measurements also shown in millimeters?

We acquire hardware from all over the world. Here in the United States, we have “standard” Imperial sizes, while many other countries of origin have “standard” Metric sizes. For your convenience, we have listed the most common Metric sizes with their Imperial conversions. We suggest you check out our handy Inches to Millimeters conversion calculator, on the off chance that you have a less common Metric center to center.

Are there standard lengths when it comes to cabinet pulls?

Yes and no. Many sizes can be considered “standard” or “common”. However, because many of the center to center measurements are so similar in size, if replacing hardware, we highly recommend that you measure your existing holes prior to purchasing.

I am replacing existing pulls, but I don’t see my center to center measurement as an option on your website. Am I out of luck?

Not necessarily! We are selective in regards to what hardware we want to represent on our website, but we have access to so much more! Give us a call or send us a message so we can discuss your options.

Can I pre-drill?

We do not recommend pre-drilling your cabinets until you have the physical hardware. While we strive to give you the most precise measurements, there will be occasions in which items are hand cast, hand made, etc and can vary ever so slightly. If you have questions about pre-drilling for a particular product you see on our site, contact us and we are happy offer you more specific information and advice.

Can I use a regular cabinet pull as an appliance pull?

It’s not generally recommended, as cabinet pulls often have screws of a smaller diameter. Appliance pulls utilize larger screws, so as to withstand the force required to regularly open units with a sealing gasket.

How do I clean my hardware? Can I use metal polish?

Please refrain from using harsh cleaning products and abrasives (this includes metal polish solutions), as this can damage the finish on your hardware. We recommend using a soft cloth with warm water and at most, a small drop of dishwashing soap.

What is a living finish?

A finish that is intended to patinate over time is considered a living finish. This allows for the hardware to develop a unique and distinctive appearance or patina due to use, oxidation and environment. Unlacquered brass and most solid cast bronze hardware finishes are considered living.

Your site states that fastening hardware is included. How do I know if the supplied hardware will work on my cabinet doors and drawers?

Our hardware comes with screws that will accommodate typical door or drawer thicknesses. Should you find yourself with non-standard dimensions, bring the hardware (including fasteners so they can determine the thread type) to a local hardware store and they will be able to provide you with different lengths of the same threading type. For most “cabinet size” hardware, the threading will either be 8/32 (Imperial) or M4 (Metric).

Can I use cabinet hardware as a hook?

Any knob (single point of attachment) can be transformed into a hook by simply changing the fastening hardware from your standard screw to a hanger bolt, which is also sometimes referred to as a breadboard screw. Your local hardware store will likely offer various lengths of hanger bolts. We recommend that you reinforce your new hook with a molly bolt or an anchor when installing into plaster or drywall.

What do I need to know about edge pulls before purchasing?

Edge pulls bring function to sleek, minimal aesthetics. It’s important to determine whether your cabinets can accommodate edge pulls prior to purchasing. Typically, edge pulls are intended to be installed flush with the top or side of your cabinet door or drawer. This method of installation will prevent the hardware from causing damage to the frame or adjacent doors/drawers. In the event that you have enough space between cabinets, routing may not be necessary.

Why do most of your products have a lead time?

We are a small brick and mortar showroom in San Francisco and while we try to maintain samples in stock, it would be near to impossible to stock a kitchen’s worth of each product. We will absolutely notify you to any changes to the expected lead times stated on our site so that you are able to make changes to your order or adjust plans accordingly. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Do you offer samples?

While we don’t “memo” items out, we have a risk-free sample return policy so that you can really see how the hardware works with your space.  Please visit our Returns and Shipping page for more details.

I am an interior designer or architect. Do you offer trade pricing?

Please contact us for more details regarding our trade policies.